One thing that auto manufacturers often won't make claims about is the quality of air inside their vehicles. However, there's a pretty big reason for that. Most manufacturers will just throw a cabin filter on some of their vehicles and call it a day, but not Volvo - the S60's interior boasts some impressive features, with one of them all but guaranteeing the best breathing experiences possible.

While there is a cabin filter inside the Volvo S60, that isn't the only thing that Volvo included. For the best air quality possible, the S60 was given The Clean Zone Air Quality System, which helps monitor the cabin air in the S60 by looking out for carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon, and other dangerous gases and chemicals. The system regularly shuts off incoming air to recirculate and treat the air inside the cabin - this oftentimes makes the cabin air cleaner than the air outside the S60 to begin with - while also filtering out odors!


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