There Are Many Exterior Features to Make Note of on the Volvo V90

With the Volvo V90, you will be getting much more than just another popular luxury wagon. This is a vehicle whose designers seem to have thought of everything. When you take a look at the exterior, for example, you will find a number of features that are simply not available on other vehicles in this class.

The dual integrated tailpipes stand out as one of those features. These serve an important purpose while also looking beautiful. They are integrated right into the body of the vehicle.

You will also notice the cross country front grille. This is a standard feature on all V90 models. It has a chrome finish complete with vertical black bars on the front of the vehicle. This is a unique look that will make people notice what you are driving around in. When you have a moment, stop by [dealer] and take the Volvo V90 on a test drive.


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