Enjoying Surround Sound No Matter Where You Sit

Here Bobby Rahal Volvo Cars, we understand the need for excellence throughout the car you choose and the sound system you enjoy as you drive.

Driving around Wexford should always include the best in sound to make the music or podcasts you choose to listen to on your travels will be heard perfectly no matter where you are seated. Each Volvo S90 has 14 individual speakers that are controlled remotely to make sure the best sound is heard throughout your travels. The problems and inconsistencies in any recording are automatically leveled out by the sound system to make the perfect sound for you to enjoy as you head out on any journey.

The Bowers & Wilkins Sound System is an impressive feature that takes little of your time to set for the perfect sound to make sure every passenger in the five-seat Volvo S90 hears the perfect sound throughout every journey.


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