Evaluating Fluid Leaks

Perhaps the most common fluid leak that you can see under your car is oil. Sometimes, you might see oil under your car if there's too much that has been added after an oil change. If you continue seeing oil, then there is likely a leak or another issue that needs to be addressed by Bobby Rahal Volvo Cars.

Antifreeze is another fluid that is known to leak from cars. The color is unlike others that you'll see because it will be bright green. Another way that you can tell you have antifreeze leaking is if you smell a sweet scent when seeing the liquid or soon after turning off your car after driving in Wexford, PA.

If you see red fluid under your car, then it's likely transmission fluid. You'll usually notice this leak near the middle area of your car as this is where the bell housing of the transmission is usually located, which is often where leaks occur.

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