Safely Loading Cargo Into Your SUV

When it comes time to pack up your SUV for a road trip, you'll want to make sure you're safely loading your items inside. This will help maximize the space that you have, but packing properly will allow you to keep all of your items safe while driving along. Here are some helpful tips from Bobby Rahal Volvo Cars.

  • You don't want a lot of loose items being tossed around the vehicle. Make sure you have everything in suitcases. This also helps you to locate items when you need them.
  • Your rear seats may have the ability to fold downwards, but don't feel like you have to utilize that function. If you have too much extra space in your vehicle, this could lead to damaged luggage as things move around a lot.
  • Pick a vehicle that provides your family with enough room for travel. Depending on how much you travel and how many people there are in your family, you may want to pay close attention to passenger space and cargo space.
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