Volvo XC90: A Luxurious SUV with top-notch safety features

The Volvo XC90 is a popular midsize SUV designed to offer a spacious interior, ample storage space, and a wide range of convenience features. The car comes installed with a wide variety of safety features, including:

Pilot Assist
The pilot assist helps keep the XC90 centered in its lane at a set speed and a set distance from the car ahead of it. The XC90 slows down and maintains the set distance when it senses a vehicle in front. The Volvo XC90 also comes with sensors installed on the steering wheel, which deactivate the pilot assist when you remove your hands from the wheel, this an additional safety feature that always makes sure you are in control of the vehicle.

City Safety
?The City Safety collision-avoidance is a system set up to avoid accidents when in slow-moving traffic. The support system activates itself from 2.5 miles per hour and automatically applies the brakes, helping minimize the effects of an accident. The safety feature, however, is usually inactive in situations where the driver actively maneuvers the vehicle.


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