While durable, rubber isn't a material that lasts forever. Tires and their treads eventually wear down due to use and age. Time passes no matter what you do, but there are ways to help preserve the tires from wear. Tire rotation service switches the front and back tires to even out the wear. The service could dramatically affect the tires' condition and performance.

Drivers often request a tire rotation when getting an oil change. Since both oil changes and tire rotations take place at 5,000 miles, doing the "double request" works. If you skipped a tire rotation at the last oil change, then maybe you should bring it to our dealership in Wexford, PA right away.

Tires that lose traction due to worn treads might present significant safety issues on the road. Blowout risks might rise, too. It wouldn't hurt to have the tires checked out.

Our service team can help you and your car out. Contact the office at Bobby Rahal Volvo Cars to schedule an appointment.

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