Volvo V60 Inscription Trim: New, Bigger, More Beautiful

The redesigned Volvo V60 Inscription Trim continues this midsize sport wagon's trend as one of the most beloved on the market, with sumptuous, roomy interiors and beaucoup safety features. Our Bobby Rahal Volvo Cars team loves safety and tech, but we also appreciate efficiency paired with sheer gorgeousness. The Volvo V60 Inscription Trim fits this description to a tee.

Futuristic Tech Available Now

Volvo V60 Inscription Trim's graphical Head-Up Display (HUD) has us all abuzz. HUD is a digital display that appears on the front windshield, seeming to hover six feet in front of you, in midair. It provides key driver info, such as speed and navigation details, letting you keep your eyes on the road in Wexford at all times. Plus, HUD adjusts to light levels, getting brighter or dimmer as needed.

Headlight Pressure Cleaning

The days of dirty headlight assemblies are over. Volvo V60 Inscription Trim's Headlight Pressure Cleaning system activates with the windshield wipers, deploying high-pressure nozzles. The system saves cleaning fluid, by the way, thanks to intelligent sequential cleaning.

See these and many more of the Volvo V60 Inscription Trim's outstanding interior and exterior features. Test drive it today at our dealership.



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