When the Volvo S90 rolls down a busy street, its grill commands attention. It has a sleek design that features the iconic Volvo logo. On the road, passengers can cool off by opening the moonroof, which also impresses a crowd.

This Volvo vehicle is very bold because it has key accent elements that provide elegance. For example, along with the windows, there is laminated material. The coating isn't only there for style; Volvo included the film to block outside sounds. On the top of the Volvo S90, the roof is strategically shaped to allow sunlight through a sleek panel. From above, the placement on the moonroof panel stands out as it has neat trimming.

You can check out all of these great features and other design elements while visiting Bobby Rahal Volvo Cars. If you want to take a cruise in a Volvo, S90, we can set up a test drive. Our staff serves Volvo fans in Wexford, PA and surrounding areas.

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