At Bobby Rahal Volvo Cars in Wexford, PA, we know that our customers are looking for quality vehicles that can keep them safe while on the roads. We're pleased to offer the Volvo XC40 as a subcompact sedan.

One of the most advanced features on the car is the City Safety Collision Avoidance package. This uses technology that can monitor whether pedestrians, cyclists, other vehicles, or animals may be in your way. If so, alerts will be issued, and pressure to the brakes can automatically be applied if necessary.

These days, it's so important to keep attention focused on driving. To help in this effort, the Volvo XC40 comes with a Driver Alert Control. With this feature, your steering will be monitored to see whether you may be drowsy or distracted. If you are, you'll get an audible warning and a visual message on your instrument panel recommending that you pull over.

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