Prevent Distracted Driving with These Tips

Though it might not seem likely, we are all capable of being distracted drivers. Regardless of your intentions, there are always things you can do to make sure your driving is as safe as possible, removing distractions to keep your focus entirely directed towards the road. This is why we here at Bobby Rahal Volvo Cars want to help you stay safe with the following tips that will help you prevent distracted driving.

For example, nobody ever expects to get a phone call while on the road. However, even looking down to make sure your finger is sliding in the proper direction is a form of distracted driving. If possible and safe, pull over to answer the call and avoid a potential accident. If somebody else is in the car with you, have them answer it for you, but also be sure to not let them distract you by showing you anything on your screen.

One of the keys to preventing distracted driving is having a vehicle that allows you to stay focused on the road. Stop by our Volvo dealership today to see our wide selection of vehicles that allow you to do just that!



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