Belts and hoses are major components of your vehicle. Your vehicle has a timing belt, a serpentine belt as well as radiator hoses and power steering hoses. Every belt and hose in the vehicle plays a role in getting you to your destination. It is important that you keep your car's most important belts and hoses in good condition.

One of the most important belts in your car is called the serpentine belt or drive belt. This helps to operate a number of components connected to the engine. If this belt breaks, you won't be going far. You should change this belt at least every 60,000 miles. If you hear this belt squealing, get it changed.

Your vehicle has several hoses that help the vehicle stay cool. If one of these hoses starts leaking, your car can overheat rapidly. Plan on changing your coolant hoses every four years or 60,000 miles.



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